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Get Healthy Nail _Be Wealthy LifeFEELING YOUR PLACE

Get Healthy Nail _Be Wealthy Life

Evol Nails and Spa provides Regular Manicure, Gel Manicure, Art design and multiple choices of Artificial nail.We also carry more than 280 colors of OPI regular polish, and over 200 colors of gel polish to meet your style needs.


Make your Own Pedicure with Herbs. It has never been more fun to get a pedicure done than before. The VIP privated room bring you to paradise

About Us

                  We are a brand new nail salon in Sartell  locates at 101 county road 120, suite 400, St Cloud, MN, 56303, (the strip mall in front of Sartell Walmart superstore,) just about 3 miles on highway 15 North from St Cloud Crossroad Center.

                   Evol Nails and Spa is the Sartell local family-owned business and we are proud to be the residence of the city. The salon was built upon the ideas of not only providing the fundamental of nail services but also the focus on the client’s health, the hygiene, the board of cosmetology compliance and the professionalism all of which are the major issues in the industry and literally. we emphasise on fixing those.

                   Staffs are licensed and professionally trained to meet those criterias.The salon with 10 manicure stations, 10 massage pedicure chairs, and special 2 massage-pedicure chairs VIP private room. We are one of the largest nail salons in the St Cloud area and it will easily accommodate wedding group, birthday party, company retreat, or individual needs.  

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More relax with neutralized essential oil and massage therapy that come up with The Herbal Pedicure

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You deserve

The beauty salon is not only a women place ,but also for men welcoming now

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We Are Evol

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If the artificial nails dont bring you comfortable, pleased let us take care of your nails much more than that with The Organic materials<img class="aligncenter wp-image-237"...

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